Jan 112013

The free ticket contest is over but Don’t despair!

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It’s cold…It’s gray… What is the perfect wine to share with your honey in front of the fire or as that stew simmers in the kitchen? Nothing makes the moment like a rich – jammy ZINFANDEL!

We at Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog love our Zins and will give 4 lucky winners (21 or older)  a pair of tickets to this year’s Zinfandel Festival in San Francisco from January 31tst to February 2nd.. That’s right… Free Zap Tickets

Let’s be clear, each winner gets 2 tickets only, no airfare, no hotels…just 2 sought after tickets to either the EPICURA Food and Zin Pairing on Thursday January 31st  (Ticket Value $125 Each) or the A to Zin Grand Tasting on February 2nd   (Ticket Value $65 Each).

There will be 2 winners receiving a pair of tickets to the Epicuria and 2 different winners receiving a pair of tickets to the A to Zin Grand Tasting.

If you don’t win… Don’t despair! Buy Tickets Here and enter Promo Code: Bacchus to receive 15% off your ticket price


It’s easy… just leave a comment on this page about Zinfandel…say anything you want. Why you love Zinfandel…Recount a Zinful experience… or just say hello (I hope you’re more zinfully creative than that…but if not…OK). Let me know what event you would prefer to attend. Have your comments posted by the end of the day on January 19th and I will randomly draw the winners with my Sunday breakfast on the 20th. Maybe I’ll put a little Zinfandel in my coffee to spice things up before I pull your name. Actually I’m sure I will.

Come on… Get to posting…Good Luck to everyone!!!

Epicuria Food & Zin Pairings
Food & Zin Pairings
The Concourse
635 8th Street, San Francisco,
(8th at Brannan in South Market area)
Thursday, January 31
6 pm – 9 pm

Discover the Diversity
Embark on a gourmet adventure as you explore the versatile flavors of Zinfandel at ZAP’s informal dine-around event. You have the opportunity to sample sophisticated and whimsical culinary creations from master chefs, perfectly paired with 50 top Zinfandel wines. Savor tantalizing delicacies from the ZinKitchen celebrity chefs while learning their professional techniques. Immerse yourself in the Zinfandel culture as you mingle with winemakers and culinary experts who feed


A to Zin Grand Tasting
The Concourse
635 8th Street, San Francisco,
(8th at Brannan in South Market area)
Saturday, February 2
Members: 1 pm – 5 pm
Public: 2 pm – 5 pm

Flavor Destination
Enjoy the thrill of creating your own Zinfari at ZAP’s Grand Tasting! Make the quest for your personal Zinfandel flavor destination as you journey through the varietal’s unique growing regions to experience the diversity of America’s Heritage Grape. This expedition takes you through the world’s largest Zinfandel tasting where you can enjoy hundreds of barrel samples, new releases and premier Zinfandel wines. The return of the ZinKitchen will be a highlight.

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