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Oct 162012







If this political season won’t drive you to drink…nothing will. If you’re going to drink wine, watch the debates, cheer for your favorite candidate or let out Joe Biden sighs at the “other guy,” here’s the perfect wine for you regardless of your political persuasion. Republicans and Democrats agree, wine pairs well with both political parties. Continue reading »

Jul 242011

Wine BlogThe 2011 Wine Blog Awards were announced this weekend at the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference held in Charlottesville, VA. The top Wine Blogs are nominated by the general public. A panel of judges selects the Wine Blog finalists. The winners are chosen by a combination of judge’s opinions and a public vote. These are all outstanding Wine Blogs and I encourage you to give them all a look.

Please make special note of Tom Wark’s Fermentation Blog which won both the Best Industry/Business Wine Blog and Best Overall Wine Blog. Tom has been a tireless fighter on behalf of wine consumers. He has led the battle against wine wholesalers who want to eliminate our rights to buy wines directly from our favorite wineries through their Congressional bill HR 1161 and other state legislation aimed at restricting the direct shipment of wine. Thanks Tom!

Congratulations to all winners…. Keep on Wine Blogging!  

All Wine Blog Winners listed below:

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Jul 122011

Wine Blog“Follow the money,” a quote from  All the President’s Men where Deep Throat advised Bob Woodward that the key to understanding the Watergate mystery was the money. In the case of HR 1161 “The Care Bill” or what should be called the “Wholesaler Protection Act” which seeks to limit or stop direct sales of wine to you from wineries and wine clubs, one only needs to “follow the money.” X

Direct shipment is a critical part of the business plan for many small, family and artisanal wineries.  Small wineries can not compete with large wineries for shelf space in your local wine shop. Direct shipments to happy customers and wine clubs are their best avenue for survival. Continue reading »

Mar 282011

In the immortal words of Carol Ann Freeling in Poltergeist II “They’re Back.” Yes they are back and just as scary as before. The House of Representatives Bill H.R. 5034 or as my fellow blogger Tom Wark has titled it, The Wholesaler Protection Act, has been resurrected just last week as H.R. 1161.

Your Wine Rights Are Under Attack!!!  Stop H.R. 1161.

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Sep 162010

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Wineauxs Unite!…

It appeared that the momentum behind the ludicrous H.R. 5034 had waned, but just this Monday retiring Congressman Delahunt of Massachusetts re-filed HR 5034, aka the C.A.R.E. Bill, with some minor changes. He is also asking that the bill be heard before congress adjourns this year. The rumor is a hearing may be scheduled as early as September 29th. Why the rush? Doesn’t Congress have bigger problems than your wine club shipment?

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