Sep 162010

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Wineauxs Unite!…

It appeared that the momentum behind the ludicrous H.R. 5034 had waned, but just this Monday retiring Congressman Delahunt of Massachusetts re-filed HR 5034, aka the C.A.R.E. Bill, with some minor changes. He is also asking that the bill be heard before congress adjourns this year. The rumor is a hearing may be scheduled as early as September 29th. Why the rush? Doesn’t Congress have bigger problems than your wine club shipment?

Congressman Bill Delahunt and distributors across the country are back trying to “protect” us from ordering wine directly under the guise of being champions of States’ Rights. I’d like to see how many from the liquor distributor industry have lined the congressman’s coffers over his career.

The letter to Congressman Conyers (Chairman of the House Committee of the Judiciary) states that the intent of the bill is to “protect societal interests in guarding against underage drinking, and will limit access to alcohol by preserving the states’ right to require face to face identification checks, etc. The language will continue to promote temperance and orderly markets.”

A letter from (National Association of American Wineries) states: “While the bill removes much of the language that would have allowed states to violate federal antitrust and other laws with impunity, the principal problems with the bill remain.  Under the new proposal, states would still be permitted to discriminate against out-of-state wines.  While states would have to be careful not to explicitly discriminate against wineries, clever legislation could impose all kinds of protectionist restrictions on interstate commerce in wine.  The problems with the language are subtle, but the end result is that the bill would reverse decades of Supreme Court dormant Commerce Clause case law.”

So Wineauxs…it’s once again time to get out those #2 pencils and write your congressman. If we are quiet the distributors will win and you may no longer be able to order wine direct from your favorite wineries.

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