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Valentine’s Day Wine – Sensual or Sexy? Victoria’s Secret or something a bit more risqué?  Speaking on Temptation, Latin American writer Eduardo Galeano, wrote, “We are all mortal until the first kiss or second glass of wine.” Kisses and wine, a perfect combination for Valentine immortality.

There are plenty of great wines, sparkling and otherwise that would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. But instead of writing about the right bubbly to set a romantic mood, this piece is about two wineries who in their very essence embrace sensuality and the sexual tease. Amorosa Bella embraces and promotes a “Sensual Lifestyle” while the Naked Winery & Orgasmic Wine Company “Aims to Tease.”

Amorosa Bella (Santa Rosa – Sonoma County, CA) which means “beautiful lover or sweetheart” believes that igniting all the senses, touch, smell, sight, sound and natural intuition is the “key to exploring the richness of life.” Founded by Dr. Charlyn Belluzzo, author of, Authentic Sensual Living,” Amorosa Bella promotes a sensual lifestyle by not only creating some beautiful wines but also offering treats for the other senses. Soy candles tease the nose, perfumes heighten arousal, exotic lingerie excites, while art and music sooth the savage beast.

Since this is a wine blog, I’ll try to put thoughts of sensual accessories aside and focus on the wines. Amoroso Bella produces two sparkling wines, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Each of the wines are designed to excite the senses. The sexy pink Brut Rose, a crisp blend of Pinot and Chardonnay that will definitely put you in the “mood.” The Chardonnay, of Russian River fruit, was crisp and clean with lush flavors of pear, apple and vanilla. Cupid’s arrow found its mark with the Russian River Pinot Noir. This rich sensual Pinot brought the whole Amorosa Bella concept together. Turn down the lights, put on the fire and please hand me another glass of Pinot, my love.

Naked WineryOk…So maybe you’ve had enough of the slow smoldering sensuality and you’re ready to get naked and get down to it. If that’s what you are feeling then the Naked Winery and Orgasmic Wine Company from Hood River, Oregon are right up your alley. Choose the wine that suits your mood. Are you a Vixen Syrah, Diva Sangiovese, Dominatrix Pinot Noir, Penetration Cabernet or a Climax Chardonnay? So now that your evening is really heating up, maybe it’s time for an orgasmic wine. The Orgasmic Wine line are all named Oh! and the varietal. Imagine, in deep satisfaction, yelling “Oh! Zinfandel!” or maybe “Oh! Meritage!”

We had the pleasure of sampling the Naked Gris (Pinot Gris) a crisp playful wine that is a perfect evening starterOrgasmic wine by itself or paired with a salad. We finished the evening in orgasmic fashion with Oh! Zinfandel; big, curvy and beautifully made from Columbia Valley, Washington grapes. While Naked Winery says they “Aim to Tease,” these are serious wines for serious wine lovers.

So let’s celebrate wine and love. Be sensual, be naked, be kissed but no matter what, share two glasses with your love and this night, be immortal.


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