Jan 122013

Skybar OneLet’s be clear… I do not like leftover wine. I’m the guy who walks into a wine bar and refuses a glass from last night’s bottle. I know… wine snob…too picky, etc. So when I tell you the skybar™ ONE Wine System really works to keep wine perfectly fresh for days, believe me.

While leftover wine is a myth in our home, many wine lovers  just want a single glass of great wine but hate the idea of the rest of the bottle going bad or simply losing flavor over a few days. Over time we have tried many wine preservation systems but none, in my opinion, really did the job for my picky palate. The skybar™ ONE Wine System changed my mind. However, it is expensive . The skybar™ ONE Wine System is available through the skybar™ website ($349 now on sale, normally $599), selected retailers and wine catalogs. We did find the skybar™ ONE Wine System for sale online for under $300.

The skybar™ ONE Wine System works like many of the new and increasingly popular self-serve commercial wine bar systems. Instead of adding gas to remove the air from the bottle, the Skybar vacuum system removes all air and dispenses the wine through a spout directly into your wine glass.

We received our skybar™ ONE Wine System as a press test sample. It was very easy to assemble and the sleek styling made an attractive addition to our countertop. The wine bottle is inserted into a refrigerated and lighted display chamber then the wine is dispensed with the touch of a button. The temperature dial, featuring 15 pre-set wine variety settings, is easy to use. Custom temperature settings are also simple to create. Check out this video

We testSkybar One Accessoriesed the skybar™ with both red and white wines.  We found the wines had no discernible taste changes for about four days. After that, the wine did change slightly and was still enjoyable for another day or two. The manufacturer states the wine will stay fresh for up to 10 days. The skybar™ ONE Wine System is the best system we have found for preserving wine… and its stylish good looks will grab the attention of your wine loving friends. The skybar™ system also comes in a three bottle design.

The skybar™ wine accessory site offers a number of unique items to enhance the overall wine experience. These include insulated wine carriers for that summer picnic and elegant silver wine chill drops to quickly chill a single glass to the perfect temperature and an LED illuminate Glow Cover.

The skybar™ ONE Wine System is highly recommended for your home…when leftover wine is a reality rather than a myth.

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  1. I loved my sky bar until it stopped working, constantly giving error messages. I contacted sky bar and while I spoke to some nice people, their words did not translate into appropriate action. Eventually they told me to ship it back to them for a refund, I did and they denied receipt of their product. I gave up in disgust becaus I figured I had already spent hours on the phone. I presume they are going slowly out of business because I gather the failure rate is high and customer support not apparent. I regret that I would never do business with the skybar company but I miss their product. This comment is only pertaining to the company that makes the skybar.

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