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Conch Beery, Whitney Beery

Conch & Whitney – Little did they know…We were grooming them all along

Don’t be confused by the wine blog title Bacchus and Beery. This is a wine blog about wine, love,  fun and food as represented by the Roman God of Wine, Bacchus who also was said to inspire joy and ecstasy. Our last name just happens to be Beery and the wine blog is about our family’s love affair with wine.

We started our love affair with wine back in college. Granted, like many with limited resources in the ‘70’s, we cut our teeth on Liebframilch and Mateus Rose. It was imported; we were classy.  In the early 80’s we made several trips to the California wine country from our home in Austin, Texas and began hanging out with local restaurant owners and wine reps.  Fortunately, with expanded resources and the help of our new friends, we were able to expand our palates.

Wine has always played an important role in our lives.  It gave us a shared passion, helped us to make lifelong friends and has become something we now share with our college aged children.  We never told them specifically to find a major in which wine was important, we just started them young with a wine cellar at home and trips to local wine bars.

Our oldest, Conch, is a Viticulture and Enology major at Texas Tech University and an aspiring winemaker while Michael and Whitney are Restaurant, Hotel Management majors also at Tech.  Every parents dream comes true…. Dad with a great glass of wine made by the family winemaker and Mom with unlimited spa days around the word. We are looking forward to a great retirement.

Please join us on our wine adventure.

Roger and Donna Beery

Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado

  10 Responses to “About Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog”

  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I remember Liebframilch and Mateus Rose. Would love to have some Mateus right now. It’s not just for beginners, it’s for those who can still remember. Love Austin too, have some dear friends there. Cut my wine palate in Dallas TX.

    • Thanks… I learned to drink Vintage Port in Dallas…still a weakness!

  2. I’m originally from Austin, have had the enormous pleasure of living in the south of France for 5 years, and am moving to the Denver area in 6 months. Nice to find y’all!

    • Thanks Megan. let me know if we can point out any great wine bars for you. ;-) Denver is a great city but truth be told, I’d move back to Austin tomorrow.
      Good Luck

  3. Just found your blog, it really stands out! I will be checking it regularly. KC

  4. We like your site.

    We’ve posted a link to your blog on our Facebook Fan page at:


    As well as a link to it out on our blogroll at:


    Hope you enjoy those great wines!

    • Thank you very much. I have been to Bangkok twice and Chang Mai / Chang Rai once in the past few years. It was a great experience. I collect Buddhist art and our home is filled with Thai Buddhist art.

      All the best… I hope your members and readers enjoy my blog.


  5. Remember the times of the Liebfrauenmilch!
    Cheers and happy sipping and writing,

  6. Loved everything. Such talented writers you are!!!!!!!! Makes me wish I had a full glass right now.