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Jan 032011

Can Miles stop his life from sliding “Sideways” so that for once, he can stand “Vertical”?

Review Vertical the Follow-up to Sideways Vertical, by Rex Pickett, takes place seven years after Sideways. Miles and Jack have had a complete reversal of fortunes. Miles’s bestselling book, Shameless, which is no doubt Sideways, became a hit movie while romanticizing Pinot Noir and bashing Merlot. His new found Hollywood and wine-world fame and riches has devolved Miles into a shameless caricature of his Shameless character. Jack is now a divorced parent, the result of his continued philandering. Continue reading »

Sep 072010
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Bonny Wee Lassie in Texas Bluebonnets

 A big “woof-woof” shout out to y’all. My name is Bonny Wee Lassie. No, I’m not a dog; I’m a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. What you probably don’t know is that I am the real driving force behind Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog and I’m here to tell you I’ve had enough!

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Apr 202010

Memoirs of Terrance Jamison, IV – In Search of Wife Two

wine fiction by Roger Beery

It did not turn out the way I wanted, not even close; my first marriage that is. I was young, 32, and successful, from a legal business perspective, not from a marriage perspective, at least not then. I said it was my first marriage because saying first marriage implies there would be a second and hopefully last marriage. I did not want to live forever a single man, though I can from time to time see the benefits. Continue reading »