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Apr 222013

Wine BlogsChardonnay, in my opinion, gets a bad rap. Sure some are over-blown and flabby, but face it…many folks enjoy that creamy buttery profile that comes from oak and malolactic fermentation; good for them. That said, stainless steel fermented Chardonnay can be lean and crisp and many are somewhere in between. Just about anyone who enjoys white wine can find a Chardonnay to suit their palate.

So for those who prescribe to the tired ABC adage “Anything But Chardonnay,” I say phooey…This summer I’m “All In for Chardonnay!” Continue reading »

Mar 232013

Giordano WinesOver the past few months I have been introduced to the exciting Italian wines created by the Giordano family of Giordano Wines. If you are not familiar with Giordano’s award winning wines, you are not alone. It is only recently that Giordano Wines have been available in the U.S. and still on a limited basis. But that is all about to change. Continue reading »

Mar 232013

33256702In the early days of Wine Reviews at Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog I wanted to be a bit rebellious so I eschewed the 100-Point wine rating system made famous by Robert Parker and adopted by just about every other mainstream wine reviewer around. To that end I, until this week, used a 5-Point rating system…very rebellious…very unique…note the sarcasm. Of course that was only after I found that using a set of 1-5 thumbs up graphics was far too complex for my understanding of blogging technology. Continue reading »

Jun 222012

wine blog, wine blogs, best wine blogDamn it is sweltering outside. What is the perfect wine to cool off from a blistering day? For me no wine screams summer more than a beautiful dry rosé. No, not talking sweet white Zinfandel or the Mateus of my youth, but wonderfully refreshing dry rosé wines. While a nice chilled rosé is the perfect patio pounder sipper, they can also pair beautifully with summer fare, ranging from fruit salad topped with poppy seed dressing to grilled salmon or chicken.

So bring on the heat, start the patio party, fire up the grill and allow me to share with you some of the best American rosés I have found for this summer so far.  BTW…Patio party season has just begun, so check back with Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog for another rosé update in a month or so. Continue reading »

May 142012

“A single, great vineyard sight can express itself and be transparent through to a bottle of wine.  You can actually taste the vineyard’s character in the glass.” Jamie Kutch – Kutch Wines Pinot Noir

Wine BlogI’ll admit it; I love single-vineyard wines. There is something about the nuance and singularity that speaks volumes me. When drinking a single-vineyard wine, I like to imagine the vineyard, its rows of vibrant vines offering abundant fruit. Sometimes I’ll even go techie and try to find pictures of the vineyard on Google so I can be even more anchored to the very spot that produced the wine in my glass. If I’ve personally walked amongst the vines of a particular vineyard, I can return with just a tip of my glass and a bit of imagination.

I wanted to learn more about these special wines. But not from the perspective of the wine drinker, I wanted to learn from winemakers themselves. So with the help of a few talented single-vineyard winemakers, here’s what I learned in a nutshell. The winemaker’s ultimate duty to single-vineyard wines compels him/her to draw on the incalculable variations of each vintage to bring forth the true voice and personality of the vineyard. When made well, a single-vineyard wine will convey a very specific sense of place, nuance and art. Obviously not all vineyards produce fruit with enough unique characteristics to be worthy of vineyard designation. Vineyards, like people, all have something to say, but not everything said is worth your attention. Continue reading »

Mar 242012

Wine Blog, Wine BlogsHere are some of our favorite wines from March 2012 reviews on Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog. Many of these wines from small producers, so they may not be available in your local wine shop. We encourage you to support small, family and artisanal wineries by ordering directly from their websites, if you live one of the 38 states that believe in wine freedom. If you don’t know if your state allows direct shipping of wine, check this map.

Again, these are just a few of the superb wines we reviewed this month. Please check out Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog – Wine Reviews for all the reviews and ratings. Full disclosure – These wines were samples provided by the winery. Continue reading »

Feb 292012

Cindy Cosco

Mr. B&B and I had breakfast with Cynthia Cosco of Passaggio Wines recently as we left Sonoma County for the Oakland airport.  Passaggio translates to passageway and is a tribute to her Italian ancestors who four generations ago, came to America.  Cindy shares her passion for winemaking with her grandfather who took great joy in sharing his wine with neighbors, friends and family. She spoke of growing up in an Italian home where there always wine and food; thus, she makes her wines to be enjoyed with food (a crisp style with zippy yet balanced acidity) and to bring wine, food and friends together.  The true testament to her winemaking passion is the fact she left a 14-year career in Virginia law enforcement  to pursue her winemaking dream, starting at the bottom.

I grew up with a Chinese mother who came to America when she was fourteen-years-old.  Wine in our home was rarely served, mainly at holidays, so when I did begin to drink wine it was as a stand-alone beverage.  While I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, I still choose my wines for their ability to stand-alone (usually robust with lower acidity) and those are not always the best food pairing wines. I like to have my glass(es) of wine before, during and after the preparation of the food.  To give Cindy’s Passaggio white wines their due, we decided to design our own food pairing meal. Continue reading »

Oct 072011

Wine blog, best wine blogYou’re looking for a great wine deal, aren’t you? No doubt some cheap wines are cheap for a reason, they’re bad. That said, there are many good deals out there under $20. These are superb go-to wines. Keep plenty on hand to enjoy after a stressful day or to share with your friends.

These “Great-Value” wines were reviewed by Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog over the summer. Many were pleasant surprises for us and we’d like to share them with you. For all the “Great-Value wines we’ve reviewed, see Amazing Value Wines under the Free Wine Reviews Tab above. You’ll notice more whites than reds…mainly because we review more whites in the summer and reds in the fall and winter.

In full disclosure, many of these wines were samples provided by the winery. Remember, Robert Parker and Wine Enthusiast, etc., don’t buy their wines either.

Let’s share a few excellent wines that will leave a few shekels in our pockets. Continue reading »

Sep 212011

Wine BlogTo the uninitiated, a Winemaker dinner can sound like a stuffy affair of wine snobs, rich food and some guy walking around telling you how great his wine is. Well, sometimes they are like that, but not usually. Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog, as you might imagine, has attended many winemaker dinners but never one so fun, entertaining and interactive as the wine dinner and blending contest recently put on by Australia’s Mollydooker Wines at Morton’s Steakhouse in the Denver Tech Center. Let’s not call this a winemaker dinner, not even an event. It was more like a carnival of wine, in the best of ways. Continue reading »

Aug 282011
Wine Blog

Wine and Roses on the B & B Patio

With Labor Day fast approaching, it’s disheartening to imagine another wonderful summer coming to a close on the Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog patio. Like many of you, during the dog days of summer our palates lean more towards cool white wines.

We’ve been working hard and selflessly on your behalf (humor) to sample and review as many whites as possible while the roses bloom and tomatoes ripen on the patio (we really do drink a lot of wine on our patio overlooking the Denver skyline). Below are some of the results from our tireless tasting efforts.

There is still some warm weather to come and hopefully a long Indian summer before the first snows begin to fall… So get outside, enjoy the sun and sip some cool white wines before those nights of crackling fireplaces and jammy Zinfandels are upon us.

Here are some of our favorite white wines and many are excellent values. Be sure to check out Bacchus and Beery Wine Reviews for literally hundreds of wine reviews and ratings… Cheers! Continue reading »