Dessert Wine

Aug 302012
2011 Quady Winery Red Electra Mosato, California Orange Muscat Wine, $13 (S) – Rating 90

Sometimes nothing hits the spot at then end of the evening like a small glass of sweet wine. Quady Red Electra with only 5% alcohol can be the perfect nightcap. A sweet blend of red and orange muscat with a soft effervescence and flavors of summer red fruit. The website suggests additional use such as sorbets and granities. Buy This Wine

Jan 132012
2010 Quady Electra Moscato, California Orange Muscat Wine, $12 (S) – Rating 90

Think sweet…not too sweet…Think low alcohol (4%). A wonderful Muscat from Quady offering up flavors of melon, peach and soft pear. A very refreshing wine with a hint of zippy acid. Perfect for a warm evening after dinner or even with a salad or lighter spicy foods. The label says “acceptable to serve on the rocks”…Don’t you dare…it’s too good to water down.

Dec 292011
2002 Pope Valley Winery Zinfandel Port, North Coast, Pope Valley, CA, $20 (S) – Rating 90

A delicious dessert offering with flavors of jammy blackberry, black cherry, blueberry, raisin and spice. Let it breathe for 15-30 minutes for maximum flavor. Went perfectly with our chocolate fudge cake… or just a few bites of dark chocolate.

Jan 052011
2006 Late Harvest Chardonnay Carneros, CA  $55 (.375) — Rating 95

I don’t know where to start. Joy is a beautifully sweet and rich dessert wine and a big hit on our holiday table. Rich flavors of honey and ripe apricot with a touch of orange and toffee make this a wine taste like a dream you don’t want to end.