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Feb 102011

Valentine’s Day Wine – Sensual or Sexy? Victoria’s Secret or something a bit more risqué?  Speaking on Temptation, Latin American writer Eduardo Galeano, wrote, “We are all mortal until the first kiss or second glass of wine.” Kisses and wine, a perfect combination for Valentine immortality.

There are plenty of great wines, sparkling and otherwise that would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. But instead of writing about the right bubbly to set a romantic mood, this piece is about two wineries who in their very essence embrace sensuality and the sexual tease. Amorosa Bella embraces and promotes a “Sensual Lifestyle” while the Naked Winery & Orgasmic Wine Company “Aims to Tease.” Continue reading »

Jan 302011

Winemaker Andrew Schweiger and Chef J.D. Brown

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to join winemaker Andrew Schweiger of Schweiger Vineyards for a wonderful winemaker dinner at CRU Wine Bar – Park Meadows in Denver. The restaurant was closed for the event which was attended by at least fifty people. I doubt anyone went home disappointed in the wine, Andrew’s presentation or the food. The menu was very well thought out and showcased the wines beautifully. More on that later… Continue reading »

Jan 232011
A Conversation with Red Zeppelin Winery owner and winemaker Stillman Brown.

Recently, we had the opportunity to sample a delicious Paso Robles Cabernet (Red Zeppelin) and powerful Monterey Petite Sirah (Black Zeppelin) from Red Zeppelin Winery. We also were able to chat with owner, winemaker and self professed “party animal” Stillman Brown.

Red Zeppelin Winery (yes, the name is a play on the classic rock band) on the Central Coast was started in 2003 as an offshoot of Jory Winery which Stillman co-founded nearly ten years earlier. Stillman, a reformed political science major at Cal, has no formal viticulture education. However,  early into our conversation it was apparent his wine making knowledge is vast and leans towards the scientific. That said, Stillman is a very funny, eclectic and sometimes absurd force of personality. His trademark salutation “Elvis died for your sins,” is a line only a man who goes by the nickname Swilly Idle (he somewhat resembles Billy Idol) could pull off with a straight face. Continue reading »

Dec 302010

Rooster CogburnThe year was 1969 and I was a mere slip of a boy, only twelve years old. I’d flown from my home in San Antonio, alone I might add, to visit my cool aunt and uncle in Dallas. My mother’s younger sister had a convertible and my uncle had long (by my father’s standards) hair. One highlight of the trip was loading up, dropping the convertible top and heading to the theater to see John Wayne in True Grit. I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the gun fight scene and was not disappointed. I remember leaving the movie wanting to grow up to have “True Grit” like John Wayne and madly infatuated with the Kim Darby who played the smart and determined revenge-minded Mattie Ross. Continue reading »

Dec 292010

Champagne toast

Much like my article earlier in the year, Do Real Men Drink Rose?, I suppose one could ask the same question about Champagne and Sparkling Wine. Well, the answer is the same…not only yes; but Hell Yeah! (I’m from Texas…we talk that way). I’ve been a sucker for a good sparkler for as long as I can remember. New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day just serve as a good excuse to tip a flute. That’s a shame because sparklers are good in so many circumstances (spectacular with my daughter’s white chocolate  raspberry marble cheesecake). Plus, don’t we all look classy and sophisticated with a stem in hand? Continue reading »