Sep 052011
2009 Hess Select Chardonnay, Monterey, CA, $11 (S) – Rating 88

A crisp Chardonnay with round flavors of green apple, pineapple and citrus highlighted with hints of vanilla and tropical fruits. Very light notes of oak and butter help to make this wine a patio party pleaser.

Aug 272011
2009 Concannon Conservancy Chardonnay, Livermore Valley, CA, $15 (S) – Rating 89

An excellent value Chardonnay with full flavors of peach, red apple with hints of melon and lemon zest. Well balanced creaminess and acidity with oaky hints of vanilla and butter. While the wine shows gentle traits of oak aging, they are subtle enough to appeal to those who prefer stainless chardonnays. Check out this video from fourth generation winemaker John Concannon.

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Aug 242011
2009 Rombauer Vineyards Chardonnay, Carneros, CA, $31 – Rating 91

I’ll admit it, my guilty pleasure…butter and oak in a well-made Chardonnay. Rombauer has been the iconic standard bearer of this genre forever. Call it too big or overblown… I call it a delicious. The rich Carneros fruit produces well rounded flavors of tropical fruit, honeydew, ripe pear, peach and red apple that are enhanced by vanilla from toasty oak and decadent hints of creamy butter. A wine friend recently called Rombauer “Cougar Crack”… These cats obviously know a thing or two about good chardonnay! Rombauer Chardonnay paired wonderfully with grilled lemon-pepper chicken served with melons and berries topped with poppy seed dressing.

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Aug 072011
NV  The Loyal Companion Chardonnay, Cru Vin Dogs, Sonoma County, CA, $11 – Rating 88

We sent our wine pooch, Bonny the Cavalier, out in search of a new “Go-To” Chardonnay and she came back with a beauty. The Loyal Companion Chardonnay from Cru Vin Dogs in Sonoma County. At $11, this playful pup will keep you smiling and fetching more. Well integrated flavors of pear, honeycomb, white peach, spice and citrus with a creamy vanilla finish. Serve at your next outdoor event or with lighter summer fare. Proceeds go to benefit local animal shelters and other dog-related charities. Bonny approves!

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Jul 292011
2010 Round Hill Oak Free Chardonnay, CA, $12 (S) – Rating 85

Light both in color, nose, this “naked Chardonnay” offers mild flavors green apple, apricot with a touch of grilled pineapple and a hint of lemon. The finish has some pretty zippy acidity that should allow it to pair well with lighter summer meals.

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