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84 & Below – Not Posted ‘cause we won’t drink it
85 + A good wine. Buy if the price is right
90 + A very good wine, in our humble opinion
95 + An awe inspiring wine – Possibly life altering

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Disclosure: Samples are designated by an “S” beside the wine reviewed.
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Oct 262010
2006, Santa Lucia Highlands, CA $35 (S) — Rating 90

This un-oaked chard with no malolactic fermentation really surprised me. It had a really lush mouth feel and a subtle but unexpectedly rich creaminess especially as it warmed up.

Oct 262010
2006, Santa Lucia Highlands, CA $25 (S) — Rating 90

Half the wine is fermented in oak (the rest in steel) and half receives malolactic fermentation. Now this wine was no surprise and was right up my palate alley. Look for rich flavors like apricot, pineapple and butterscotch in addition to some tropical and citrus flavors.

Oct 192010
2009 Carneros, CA $24 (S) Rating 90

Not usually a fan of “Housewife Crack” Pinot Grigio but this is an exception. Very rich & creamy without a tarty bite. Wonderful fruit and lush balance. Maybe the best CA Pinot Grigio.