Aug 292010

I’ll admit it. On a hot afternoon out on the B&B patio, sometimes nothing hits the spot like a very dry rosé. In the past, my favorites have been exclusively Pinot Noirs. This summer’s rosé tastings included a few Cabernet and Malbecs but nothing  lit my fire.  However, I did find a Spanish Rioja (Tempranillo blend) I really enjoyed and I think you might like it, too.

So gentlemen, roll up the sleeves on your pink button down, grab your golf shorts and slip on your Topsiders (sans socks). Let’s drink some rosé on the patio before Fall is upon us and show the girls we ARE real men!

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Jun 252010

In our never-ending quest to imbibe in just about every wine-bar known to man, last night we began Donna’s (Mrs. Bacchus and Beery) birthday weekend at Max’s Wine Dive in Austin, TX. Max’s is a small chain with locations in Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

This ain’t your momma’s wine bar. Think rock-n-roll wine bar. Loud but not overwhelming music, southern comfort food and fine wine drew in a large 25 to 50 year old crowd. Sounds weird…but it works.  The T-shirt I purchased said it all. “Fried Chicken & Champagne…Why the Hell Not!” Continue reading »