Jul 242011

Wine BlogThe 2011 Wine Blog Awards were announced this weekend at the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference held in Charlottesville, VA. The top Wine Blogs are nominated by the general public. A panel of judges selects the Wine Blog finalists. The winners are chosen by a combination of judge’s opinions and a public vote. These are all outstanding Wine Blogs and I encourage you to give them all a look.

Please make special note of Tom Wark’s Fermentation Blog which won both the Best Industry/Business Wine Blog and Best Overall Wine Blog. Tom has been a tireless fighter on behalf of wine consumers. He has led the battle against wine wholesalers who want to eliminate our rights to buy wines directly from our favorite wineries through their Congressional bill HR 1161 and other state legislation aimed at restricting the direct shipment of wine. Thanks Tom!

Congratulations to all winners…. Keep on Wine Blogging!  

All Wine Blog Winners listed below:

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