Aug 042012
2009 Alpha Omega Chardonnay , Napa Valley, CA, $58 (S) – Rating 92

An excellent and elegant Chardonnay with a nose of pineapple, red apple and spice. The round flavors created by oak barrel fermentation and malolactic fermentation are never overpowering, offering creamy flavors of pineapple red apple, citrus and tropicals. Notes of minerality create complexity with perfect levels of mouth-watering acidity for food pairing. Buy Alpha Omega Chardonnay 2009

Jul 292012
2011 Riverbench Bedrock Chardonnay, Estate Grown and Bottled, Santa Maria Valley, Ca, $24 (S) – Rating 89

A lovely balance of stainless steel fermentation crispness and malolactic fermentation roundness. The nose opens with notes pear and tropical fruits. The palate experience flavors of apple, pineapple pear and lots of crisp tropicals. Sur-lies aging adds to the creamy soft mouth-feel. Plenty of crisp acidity to pair with lighter summer fare. The finish could be longer.

Jun 212012
2010 Freeman Vineyard & Winery Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, CA, $42 (S) – Rating 92

A very focused and delicious Pinot that opens with a nose of cherry pie. Give this wine a little time and it will reward with well integrated flavors of  strawberry jam, plum, bing cherry and strawberry with a long spicy finish.  Jammy on the front yet crisp acidity on the finish. Interesting complexity. Buy This Wine

Jun 112011

Wine BlogSure, it is easy to get a great bottle of wine for $50 or more. In that price range there is so much good juice to choose from it gets silly. But what about every day wine? Something that is a good value, enjoyable and agrees with your palate like an old friend. There are very good wines out there for under $25 and even a few around $10 that we at Bacchus and Beery Wine Reviews have found over the last few months.

Granted these wines may not be life altering in their own right, but they are good, well made and will enhance your daily wine experience… without requiring a conversation with your banker. Continue reading »