Jun 252010

In our never-ending quest to imbibe in just about every wine-bar known to man, last night we began Donna’s (Mrs. Bacchus and Beery) birthday weekend at Max’s Wine Dive in Austin, TX. Max’s is a small chain with locations in Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

This ain’t your momma’s wine bar. Think rock-n-roll wine bar. Loud but not overwhelming music, southern comfort food and fine wine drew in a large 25 to 50 year old crowd. Sounds weird…but it works.  The T-shirt I purchased said it all. “Fried Chicken & Champagne…Why the Hell Not!” Continue reading »

Apr 282010

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Showdown at Salt Lick – A Tempranillo Tasting

Over the past few months I have been on a quest to find a light and bright (not sweet) red wine to compliment the Pinots I seem to devour all summer long. Tempranillos resurfaced on the radar screen. The earthy flavors I taste in some Spanish offerings are a turn off. However, I was recently introduced to C3 100% Tempranillo from Core Winery in Santa Barbara and was impressed. Continue reading »

Apr 212010

Last night Donna and I joined our friend and award winning Chef Mark Paul at the wine bar connected to his Austin, Tx Wink Restaurant. Since we’ve known Mark nearly 20 years the conversation ranged from restaurant ideas to food to wine to his sister’s (who was our kid’s babysitter 17 years ago) new baby. The food (house-cured salmon on rye, PEI mussels in white wine sauce and a delectable salmon spring roll served with a citrus dipping sauce) as always was amazing, but the conversation turned to wine. Continue reading »

Apr 202010

Memoirs of Terrance Jamison, IV – In Search of Wife Two

wine fiction by Roger Beery

It did not turn out the way I wanted, not even close; my first marriage that is. I was young, 32, and successful, from a legal business perspective, not from a marriage perspective, at least not then. I said it was my first marriage because saying first marriage implies there would be a second and hopefully last marriage. I did not want to live forever a single man, though I can from time to time see the benefits. Continue reading »