Personal Stories – Wine

Apr 142011

So here’s the question: Can a Wine Drinking Dude secretly be a Thirsty Girl? At 6’ 3” and well north of 200 pounds, I’m not exactly the kind of attendee you would expect to see at a Thirsty Girl Live Austin Tour Event. I wasn’t sure what to expect, maybe a bunch of chicks talking about their favorite Pinot Grigio and new Jimmy Choos? Well, I was wrong and had more fun than I imagined.

Thristy Girl is the creation of self-proclaimed “Head Thirsty Girl,” and NBC Television wine expert / contributor Leslie Sbrocco. This girl is high energy bawdy fun. No wine sipping here, this is a drinkin’ girl. Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog was the guest of Head Thirsty Girl of the evening, Fall Creek Vineyards co-founder/owner Susan Auler. Fall Creek was the only Texas winery pouring and their wines stood well against Thirsty Girl nationally known sponsors Ravenswood, La Crema, Cambria and others.  Continue reading »

Dec 112010

I love recently posted a very thought provoking article on the “Shrinking Gap Between Wineries and Consumers.” The article states that over 90% of wine in America is sold by retailers. The writer goes on to make the point that many wine drinkers crave a “connection” with the wines and wineries they enjoy. The fact that we even spend the time to write and produce Bacchus and Beery is clear testament to that observation. But because most of the wine we buy is sold by a retailer or sommelier based on price, availability and convenience; that “winery connection” we crave can be hard to make. Continue reading »

Nov 302010

What's a Wine Lover to Do?What’s a Wine Lover To Do? ~ This great guide by fellow Austinite, Wes Marshall, is a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s informative (very useful index) yet light hearted approach makes it a must for you and your friends. Take Wes’s description of Pinot Noir Styles. Oregon Pinots are described as being “lean, cool, and intelligent,” like Cate Blanchette while California Pinots are depicted by Angelina Jolie, “earthy, lusty and more direct.” Quick…serve me a Pinot! Continue reading »

Nov 212010

Why wine? Why wine instead of other forms of alcohol? Of course it tastes good. It’s complex. It’s transportive. It pairs well with food…on and on…but that’s not it. What in the one thing wine does better than anything else? Wine is, in my opinion, the perfect social lubricant. Nothing enhances good friendships like wine.  Continue reading »

Oct 062010

Maybe you read Roger’s piece First Love…What Wine did you share? Some of you have asked, when did I fall in love with red wine?  Roger wrote that our first trip to Napa was in 1987, but after some additional reminiscing, Roger and I have realized that we first visited Jordan Winery (where I fell in love with California Cabernet) in 1983 not 1987.  Continue reading »