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So here’s the question: Can a Wine Drinking Dude secretly be a Thirsty Girl? At 6’ 3” and well north of 200 pounds, I’m not exactly the kind of attendee you would expect to see at a Thirsty Girl Live Austin Tour Event. I wasn’t sure what to expect, maybe a bunch of chicks talking about their favorite Pinot Grigio and new Jimmy Choos? Well, I was wrong and had more fun than I imagined.

Thristy Girl is the creation of self-proclaimed “Head Thirsty Girl,” and NBC Television wine expert / contributor Leslie Sbrocco. This girl is high energy bawdy fun. No wine sipping here, this is a drinkin’ girl. Bacchus and Beery Wine Blog was the guest of Head Thirsty Girl of the evening, Fall Creek Vineyards co-founder/owner Susan Auler. Fall Creek was the only Texas winery pouring and their wines stood well against Thirsty Girl nationally known sponsors Ravenswood, La Crema, Cambria and others. 

The room atop Parkside Restaurant on Austin’s famed 6th Street was packed with Thirsty Girl fans of all ages (over 21, of course). The wine drinking dudes were far and few between and that was a shame. They missed out. The appetizers were hearty and delicious. Once Leslie took the microphone, we embarked on an evening of energetic and sometimes risqué wine education.

Leslie began by sharing the beginnings of Thirst Girl and her past life as a hand model. Remember the finger that poked the Pillsbury Doughboy? Leslie’s finger. We heard stories about her two books (Wine for Women and The Simple and Savvy Wine Guide) and spots on the Today Show. Her story about telling Al Roker that it is “hip to be screwed” while talking about screw top wines left us all laughing.

The presentation then went to Leslie’s funny take on wine education. Here are a few things I learned. First, “acidity is like the bra of wine, it lifts, separates and makes everything perky.” Second, what to choose if could only have one wine on a desert island? “Sparkling wine, it goes great with fresh caught fish, wild boar and coconut cream pie.” Third, and probably the most revealing, “Thirsty Girls Don’t Spit!” as is their t-shirt slogan which is now part of my wife’s wardrobe. A good rule to live by, if I should say so myself.

The conversation then turned to tattoos and television. Leslie to date, is tattoo free but she announced her inkless status is about to change. She has always wanted a tattoo of a champagne glass with bubbles headed up her leg. Where would the bubbles end up? I told you it was bawdy fun. Anyway, Leslie revealed that she soon will be on the A&E Television show Inked where they will use her daughter’s art as the basis for the new tat. When asked why she was getting the tattoo on her calf she replied, “That part will never sag.” Leslie also revealed to the delight of the Austin crowd that a wine from Fall Creek Vineyards will be featured on her Mothers’ Day Today Show spot. Go Texas Wine!

So was the Thirsty Girl Live tour fun for a Wine Drinking Dude? Hell, yes! Great wines, hilarious company and a room full of happy Thirsty Girls, what’s not to love? Am I now an official Thirsty Girl? You can look at the picture and decide. Hey, even Hulk Hogan wears a boa sometimes…. The Thirsty Girl Live Tour is almost over but check it out, for dates in your area.

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  1. Love it!!

  2. It was great to meet you both at this fun event! Hopefully we’ll meet again soon!

  3. My boy looks good in everything. Even a boa.

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