Pinot Noir

Jan 102011
2006 Willakia Vineyard,Eola-Amity Hills, OR  $48 — Rating 92

Expression 44 Willakia Vineyard is an excellent assertive and powerful Oregon Pinot albeit a bit on the pricey side. Lots of black cherry, oak and spice with a graceful balance. A lovely nose, full mouth-feel and lingering finish add to the enjoyment. Plenty of 90+ ratings.

Jan 032011

Can Miles stop his life from sliding “Sideways” so that for once, he can stand “Vertical”?

Review Vertical the Follow-up to Sideways Vertical, by Rex Pickett, takes place seven years after Sideways. Miles and Jack have had a complete reversal of fortunes. Miles’s bestselling book, Shameless, which is no doubt Sideways, became a hit movie while romanticizing Pinot Noir and bashing Merlot. His new found Hollywood and wine-world fame and riches has devolved Miles into a shameless caricature of his Shameless character. Jack is now a divorced parent, the result of his continued philandering. Continue reading »

Dec 312010
2007 Carneros, CA, $22  Rating — 92

Artesa could be our new go-to California Pinot.  Rich flavors of dark cherry, currant, chocolate with a hint of tobacco leaf. Soft tannins added to the silkyness on the palate. Another Artesa wine that will impress your friends without breaking the bank.

Dec 192010
2007 Carneros, CA (S) $40 — Rating 90

Ceja Vineyards produces a beautiful bright, crisp, fruity, medium bodied Pinot Noir.  Perfect for a summer evening. The floral and red plum nose is a prelude to a very well balanced wine with soft tannins and textured flavors of dried berry, spice and herbs.