Jul 282013

Damn, it’s hot outside. We really enjoy sipping wine on the Bacchus and Beery patio all summer long. Nothing puts a damper on a good glass of vino than summer heat. Of course, you can keep your wine in a messy chiller or ice bucket but then it gets too cold to taste all the subtle flavors and you’re left waiting for it to warm up to the perfect not too hot…not too cold Goldilocks temperature.

Recently we received two sample products that claim to help beat the summer heat…and we love them! Take a look at these unique wine temperature control solutions. Both will make outstanding gifts or additions to your home.

Angle 33 Premium Concrete Thermal

Angle 33

This chiller looks great and works exceptionally well. We now use ours almost every evening. The wine thermal can act as a chiller but we find it works best to maintain temperature for a perfectly chilled or cellared wine. The thermal is chilled in the refrigerator so ice is never used. The attractively colored thermal concrete is sealed so it does not sweat or get wet on the sides and bottom. Therefore, there is no sloppy ice bucket mess. The Angle 33 Thermal is hand crafted in Montana (see how it is made here). Priced at $64.99, the Angle 33 Premium Concrete Thermal is as handsome as it is functional. Angle 33 also offers matching coasters.

Neoprene Wine Bags by Billy the Artist

Wine Bags Billy the Artist

While neoprene wine bags are not that unique, the style and design of these will stand out at any wine get together, festival or party. Billy the Artist has gone from New York City street artist to a Pop Art global sensation whose work includes wall murals of hope and inspiration at children’s hospitals around the world.

Billy the Artist’s urban gifts product line first launched in late winter 2012.  Billy the Artist, whose studio is based in the trendy East Village of New York City, is known for his grand scale designs.  His projects and designs have been seen worldwide such clients and global brands as Swatch, The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Sony, MTV, The Nescafe Champs Snowboarding Championship, Gibson Guitar, Smart Car, Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota, Mountain Dew, MTV, Puma, Microsoft, Chock Full O Nuts, Vans shoes and race car driver Danica Patrick. Check out some of his work on the Billy the Artist Facebook Fan Page

These premium neoprene bags come in both single and double bottle sizes as shown above and are well priced at $20 and $25 respectively. They are available from retailers across the country. Find a retailer near you.

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