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If this political season won’t drive you to drink…nothing will. If you’re going to drink wine, watch the debates, cheer for your favorite candidate or let out Joe Biden sighs at the “other guy,” here’s the perfect wine for you regardless of your political persuasion. Republicans and Democrats agree, wine pairs well with both political parties.

Schmor Wines of Simi Valley has your political party …or political gift solution, Elephant and Donkey Wines. Both are an easy drinking blend of Central Coast Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and a touch of Voignier to round out the edges. A great soft red wine flavors that will please any party crowd. However, Leah Canon, founder of Schmor Wines, reports that even though both wines are the same blend, in taste tests; Republicans prefer Elephant wine and Democrats prefer Donkey Wine.

Rachael Ray Magazine

All bottles come decorated with a men’s necktie adorned with Donkeys or Elephants. In the tip of the tie is a button that when pushed lets out the sound of a donkey’s brae or an Elephant’s trumpet. Elephant and Donkey wines were even featured in the Rachael Ray Magazine.

While the wines are perfect for your upcoming election night party, the labels are designed so they can be personalized for any candidate running in future elections. Leah Canon says her real goal behind the wines is to get people out to vote and participating in the election process.

Donkey and Elephant wines can be shipped to you in many states. Orders can be made directly from Schmor Wines. Each wine sells for $25 and are available in gift packs.

So drink some wine and go vote… or go vote, then drink some wine… Your call.

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  1. Seems a bit pricier than I would expect for a gimmicky wine. Although the tie is kind of neat…

  2. Love the wine with the ties

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