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Wines From Last Night….

This week we review Flora Springs Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Honig Savignon Blanc, Irony Chardonnay and Pursuit Chardonnay.

It’s been hot in Denver lately. Just the way we like it on the patio. With friends and family around we’ve been looking for some hot weather patio sippers that are a great value.

July 21, 2010

Flora Springs Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2007 – Napa, CA $10

Over the years I’d moved away from Sauvignon Blancs but rediscovered them on my recent trip to Napa. This offering is at the bargain end of Flora Springs wines but we love the flavors. It has a soft and surprisingly full bodied mouth feel with a creamy subtle richness. For $10, this wine is one hell of a deal.

Honig Savignon Blanc 2008 – Napa Valley, CA $15

Another excellent value for a patio sipper. This SB is a bit on the richer side and received a score of 89 from Robert Parker. The finished wine is a blend of wines aged in large oak and stainless steel. Look for flavors like fig, melon, creamy apple and a touch of honey rather than lemons and grapefruits. We’ll be drinking this all summer.

Irony Chardonnay 2007 – Napa Valley $12

This is another winner at a great price point. Carmel, vanilla and cream are the first sensations I had drinking this wine. There is a fair amount of toasty oak but not nearly as pronounced as some of its Carneros brethren. You’ll find flavors like apple and orchard fruits with a bit of tropical fruit thrown in for good measure. As the evening cools and the party is looking to move up the richness scale from a Sauvignon Blanc, Irony is a good value choice.

Pursuit Chardonnay 2008 – Carneros, CA  $30

Produced by Bounty Hunter Wines in Napa, this Chardonnay is softer and not nearly as big and buttery as many from Carneros. This wine is a bit more tropical and mineral than some but still shows the structure that Carneros Chardonnays are famous for. Carneros, which straddles both Napa and Sonoma, is the perfect growing climate (fog cooled with well drained soils) for Chardonnay and the source of many of our favorite Chards. That said, this is a great Chardonnay to pair with food because it won’t dominate your palate. However if you’re looking for that “drawn butter from an oak cask” flavor from a Carneros Chard, this one may be a bit light.

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