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Giordano WinesOver the past few months I have been introduced to the exciting Italian wines created by the Giordano family of Giordano Wines. If you are not familiar with Giordano’s award winning wines, you are not alone. It is only recently that Giordano Wines have been available in the U.S. and still on a limited basis. But that is all about to change.

Giordano wines are created from grapes grown in eleven Italian wine regions. Founded in 1900, this now 4th generation family winery, sells about 53% of its wines in Italy with most of their exports enjoyed in the E.U. Giordano’s main production facility is located in Diano d’Alba in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, near Turin. While some Giordano grapes are estate grown, many are sourced from experienced growers in renowned regions from Lombardy to Sicily and from Veneto to Tuscany.

Giordano Wine Regions

Giordano Wine Regions

While most Italian wines are sold in retail and restaurant establishments, Giordano has taken a different approach, direct to consumer (DTC). This cuts out the middleman and the savings can be passed on to the consumer. While DTC sales models are becoming increasingly popular in the States, it is unique in Europe and for a winery of Giordano’s size. Fernando Giordano was a man ahead of his time when he created the direct-to-consumer sales concept in 1956, offering to send wines directly to his client’s homes. The idea caught on quickly and the winery grew. Cost effective mass communications beginning in the 1980’s took Fernando Giordano’s DTC concept to a whole new level. Today Giordano, still family owned, delivers over 2,000,000 cases of wine directly to their client’s doorsteps.

Giordano Wines has a simple philosophy “Giordano starts with the best grapes and vinifies them in its wineries – managed by the best wine-makers in Italy – using the most modern technology on the market.  All of these factors mean that Giordano is able to make top-quality wines and thanks to direct sales, to sell them at prices that mean real value for money.”

Giordano Family Wines

Giordano Family Wines

In addition to sourcing the best wines in the best winegrowing regions of Italy, since the 1980s Giordano Wines has been selecting the best Italian artisan food specialties to pair with their wines: Sicilian tomatoes and capers, amaretto cookies from Tuscany, truffles, mushrooms, cured meats and pasta, all traditionally made, such as tajarin egg pasta from Piedmont or orecchiette from Puglia, and sauces, pesto and cakes, for a total of more than 60 traditional products constantly available in the catalog and as a part of their “wine baskets”.

Giordano wines and their selected Italian food specialties are only available today in NY, NJ, VA and FL. They are however working to significantly improve their U.S. distribution to Italian wine lovers in other states. We will keep you posted.

I have enjoyed these wines and those with whom I have shared Giordano wines agree, Giordano does offer tremendous value. As you will see in these reviews, most wines sell for under $15 but offer flavors of much more expensive wines. In many cases the wines are offered in “wine baskets” that include 12 wines and selected food pairings for around $120.

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  1. Why am I not receiving any information on Giordano wine offers? I was a customer with a code number and password for several years and would like to continue receiving wine.

  2. I have been buying Giordano wines for over a year. I live in Florida. Every bottle has been good. We get the mixed order. My wife loves the White and I love the Reds. Looking forward to our next shipment.

  3. I too enjoyed the Giordano wines in NY. I believe the reason we no longer get these offers is that Giordano no longer distributes wine to NY. When you go to their website to buy wine, they can no longer ship to NY.

  4. For several years I was receiving brochures from girdiano wines. I have purchased many cases from these special offers. All of a sudden the brochures and special offers stopped coming in the mail. We enjoy giordano wines any would like to receive information on what is available. We prefer mostly reds but also a smaller amount of whites. Any information you can send me will be greatly appreciated. Thank You Otto Schwaiger. 3 Princess Lane. Albany, N Y. 12211. Phone 518 434 1454

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