May 022010

 Wines From Last Night….

This is our weekly review of wines we had the opportunity to taste over the last week or so. Unless otherwise noted all the wines were paid for with our hard earned bucks. But if anyone out there would like to donate a wine to end up in this blog…we’re game!

This week’s wines are from : Twenty Rows, AnnaBella, Kunde Estate, Lezuan

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May 2, 2010

Twenty Rows 2007 Cabernet – Napa Valley  (A Wine Find of the Week!)

For under $20 this cab is fantastic. Twenty Rows made by Vinoce is pretty fruit forward with soft tannins and a long silky finish. The flavors and aromas were all very indicative of a good Napa Cabernet. We did aerate and decant for about 45 minutes. While the flavors were big, interestingly enough it did not over power the salmon in basil pesto over lemon basil pasta we cooked that night. An odd pairing, I know. This wine is a great value and we highly recommend it.

Annabella 2007 Chardonnay Napa Valley  (A Wine Find of the Week!)

This Chardonnay by Michael Pozzan Winery hit the spot. We had purchased it the day before based on a wine store write up. We love big, bold, buttery Chardonnays like Rombauer or Frank Family. I know…over oaked, over…yada, yada, yada, we like them. The Annabella is not quite as big as the others but it is in the same vein. Good oak and good buttery flavors for $13. It paired beautifully with the shrimp in grits with green chilis and corn Donna had made for our Derby Day meal. This may be the summer’s “go to” Chardonnay.

Kunde Estate 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon – Sonoma Valley

Well this little pup was hiding in the wine cellar. We pulled it fully expecting this medium priced cab to be a bit passed its prime. Boy were we surprised. The tannins and fruit were still in full force. It actually took about an hour in the decanter before it fully opened. Once it did, the Kunde remained full bodied with a good nose with enough tannins to remain well balanced.

Lezaun 2006 Tempranillo –  Spain

Robert Parker rated this wine a 90 and I don’t get it. If you’ve read my posting “The Showdown at Saltlick” you know I like Tempranillo mucho. But I do have to say my palate tends more to the American style if such a thing is yet to be defined. In any case, this wine was on the light side (no oak and it shows), and a bit earthy. Donna found it more earthy than I did. If I was served it by the glass in a bar, I would not have sent it back, but I doubt I’d order it again.

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  1. I live in New York city and sometmes it is difficult to find labels.

    Do you know which distributors carry your reviewed labels?



    • Lennox…
      I’m sorry but I can’t be much help in New York. However, many of the wines can be bought directly from the winery. When possible the winery websites are linked in the articles for that reason.

      Wish I could be more helpful.



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